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Access to Toronto Office

Access to Toronto Office

Toronto Office

Address: 720 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON M5S 2R4

The way to office from nearest subway station

  • Bathurst Station

    Get off Bathurst station (Green Line). Use stairs (or escalators) located in a middle of the platform.
    When you get on ground floor, you will find bus/streetcar terminal.

  • Turn left and go straight

    When you get out from the station, you will be on Bathurst street. Turn left and go straight to the south.
    You will find a main intersection Bloor street and Bathurst Street.
  • Cross the intersection

    Once you get to the intersection, cross the street and continue going straight on Bathurst Street.
    In a few minutes, you will see another small intersection, which is Lennox Street and Bathurst Street.

  • Randolph Theatre

    At the intersection of Lennox and Bathurst, you will see an old building that looks like a Church. This is Randolph Theatre. Cross both Lennox street and Bathurst street to get to the southwest side of the intersection.
    Continue walking south. Our Office is right next to this theatre on Bathurst Street. Yes, you are almost there!

  • Our office: 720 Bathurst

    Just few steps from Randolph Theatre, you will find our building, at 720 Bathurst, which is on your right hand side. Our office is on the third floor.
    Please note: The door on the 3rd floor will be locked. Please call us to let us know you are here and we will come to greet you. If you do not have a local phone, you can alternatively go to the reception, which is on the ground floor, and tell them you have an appointment with DEOW!
Please make an appointment before visiting our office. We might not be able to make time for walk-ins.

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